24x7 Monitoring

The managed security services identify and prevent, through 24/7 monitoring by our security operation centre of the clients’ security systems, the potential problems generated by cyber-attacks, which threaten the safeguarding of information and the continuity of the corporate business.


  • Speed ​​in implementing new applications, due to the effective adaptation of the security system
  • More benefits thanks to a complete use of the security equipment features
  • More time for your business and less time spent on system support
  • Less costs and more performance
  • Fixed annual costs
  • Technological upgrade included in the fee


  • Reduce IT staff commitment
  • Updates
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Innovation
  • Control
  • Backup
  • On-site replacement
  • Software maintenance

Anomaly Detection


The Anomaly Detection turns out to be the only service currently able to respond to so-called zero-day attacks. This type of attack can cause a lot of damage because it is launched when the systems are not yet protected. For this reason we have chosen to develop the partnership with Dark Trace which, contrary to what happens in signature based systems where the search is done through rules or search for signature features of security breaches, detects cyber security violations through an analysis of the system and identification and classification of anomalies. Dark Trace is based solely on mathematical models and therefore is the only one able to effectively protect against zero-day attacks.

Firewall Monitoring & Management


The Firewall Monitoring & Management service provides the monitoring of the proper functioning of the client’s firewall, the patch management, the backup of its configurations and logs. The service aims to allow clients to have effective 24-hour control of the performance, rules and efficiency of corporate firewalls. The service is provided by the Security Operation Centre (S.O.C.) of Secure Group, certified according to the 27001: 13 standard, in 24 /7 mode on a remote link (ISDN dial-up or always-on, on CDN or Frame-relay). The service management component foresees the creation / modification of Firewall rules based on the client’s needs.

Intrusion Prevention Proactive Management


The IPS Proactive Management service is a 24-hour IT intrusion detection activity using sophisticated analysis systems. The service provides the monitoring and complete management of the network probes and probes on the client’s servers. In the event of any attacks or intrusions, the alarm collection and correlation reaction take place in real time, along with the necessary alerting or blocking action to allow the problem to be addressed and managed. The service is provided by our Security Operation Centre (S.O.C.) certified according to the ISO 27001 standard, in 24 × 7 mode through a secure connection.

Security Event Correlation Management


The Security Event Correlation Management service performs a real-time analysis of events originating from security devices such as Firewall, IPS and Antivirus to understand and prevent security breaches. For this reason, we have made our DiagCenter available, the correlation, analysis and classification solution of alarms coming from the network and clients’ systems. Once this analysis has been performed and based on the policies established with the client, the S.O.C. alerts the clients’ technicians in charge of incident management, presenting them with a complete picture of the seriousness of the problems and suggesting the necessary actions. Finally, through our CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), we support the client in the emergency management phase.


Antivirus Management


The Secure Group Antivirus Management service enables clients to have the certainty of not having any viruses on their systems (networks, servers or clients) 24 hours a day. The service includes not only the complete management of centralized antivirus servers that control all incoming and outgoing traffic from the corporate network, but also those of all clients (PCs, workstations, etc.) that are constantly updated without users needing to intervene.

URL & Content Filtering Management

The Secure Group URL Filtering Management service enables clients to be able to regulate the flow of information requested from the corporate network 24 hours a day in order to optimize the Internet connection bandwidth and preserve the ethical image of the employees’ work. The service includes not only the complete management of the URL Filtering servers but also the complete management of the users and their policies.


Enterprise User Management


The Secure Group Enterprise User Management service consists of the centralized management of the systems that regulate user access. Different operating systems, different applications, different workflows for requesting and authorizing access inevitably lead to a confused view of which and how many users are defined in our company: the service prevents the possibility of spreading unauthorized access, favours a streamlined management, eliminates synchronization problems and reduces the level of know-how required by internal resources on the various operating systems and applications.

Computer Emergency Response Team


The Emergency Response service allows clients to have a prompt response 24 hours a day in the event of a computer incident. Our team is ready to respond to both an ongoing attack and a post-incident analysis in order to limit or cancel the damage caused by it. The team interfaces with the official national and international cyber security bodies (CERT) as well as with the judicial police bodies operating in our country against cybercrimes (Financial / Tax and Postal Police).


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