Security passes from the formation of human resources

Through the partnership with “security innovation”, we organize courses on cyber security that transfer the know-how necessary to comply with internal rules and legislation in relation to security issues to the staff of the companies and thus have qualified internal staff able to cope with emergencies independently.

Interactive Mode

Each course is realized with an interactive multimedia technique and is equipped with spoken audio. It includes a final test to understand the topics and a certificate of participation.


Microsoft SDL for managers

SDLC Gap Analysis & Remediation Techniques

How tocreate Application Security Design Requirements

How to create an Application Security Threat Model

Attack Surface Analysis & Reduction

How to perform a Security Code Review

How to create an Application Security Threat Model for Embedded Systems

Attack Surface Analysis & Reduction for Embedded Systems

Performing Secure Code Review for Embedded Systems

CPSSE Certification Test Prep


Foundamentals of Secure Architecture

Architecture Risk Analysis & Remediation

Security Tools and Technology

OWASP Top 10 Threat Mitigation

Architecture Risk & Analysis for Embedded Systems

Introduction to Cryptography

Creating Secure Application Architecture

Secure Application Architecture for Embedded Systems


Secure Application Architecture for Embedded Systems

Foundamentals of Secure Database Development

Foundamentals of Web 2.0 Security

Creating Secure Code: Windows Foundation

Creating secure Code – .NET Framework Foundation

Creating Secure Code: Oracle Foundation

Creating Secure ASP.NET Code

Creating Secure C# Code

Buffer Overflow – Attacks & Countermeasures


Foundamentals of Security Testing

Classes of Security Defects

How to test the OWASP Top Ten

Advanced Software Security Testing

Exploiting buffer Overflows

Advanced Security testing for Embedded Systems