For 20 years, cybersecurity services have been our core business

Secure group is a managed security services provider that offers cyber security solutions to protect the business and corporate image of its clientele. The primary objective is to create and propose the best tailored solutions to guarantee companies the correct management of information security.


Our managed services are provided through the SOC – the Security Operation Centre of Secure Group that has been active for 20 years


Secure Group prepares and assists the client during work to achieve a system that guarantees confidentiality, integrity and availability


The Security Intelligence service is an essential component of corporate cyber security. The SA cycle created by Secure Group is based on the internationally recognized OWASP and ISECOM.


Secure Group takes care of all aspects of designing and implementing cyber security systems, from access control to networks to the security of all devices used in the company

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GDPR and mandatory training: what to do?

Organize a specific training course for business users!

Article. 39 of the GDPR requires that the person in charge of the treatments must train all the personnel in charge of processing the data! Fulfill the guarantor’s requests and lower the level of risk of company data.


Security passes from human resources

Lowering the level of corporate risk is the main objective pursued by corporate cyber security teams. However, the fronts exposed to the attacks are numerous and very extensive and this leads companies to try to build their own “protective barriers” through the ever-increasing purchase of specific technologies. Investing in security products is a good start, but it is not enough. Technology alone is not enough to defend corporate systems from external threats because the level of corporate risk is constantly increased by factors that technologies cannot manage or govern. The most significant of these factors is the HUMAN FACTOR.
End users are the largest and most vulnerable attack point. This is why it is necessary to invest in TRAINING.ions of the privacy policy
Our trainings consist of group “on site” lessons, organized by one of our experts.
Verification tools: at the end of the course, an interactive group test is foreseen to consolidate the information provided.